Shame!Shame!!Shame!!! Apple

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Vince, I don't think you will get much sympathy. Comic Sans is a stable-mate of Book Antiqua and Arial.

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What exactly are we looking at here, Vince?

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It's poorly hinted. It is a copy of the idea of casual type and looks way to close to Comic Sans. Comic Sans was not suppose to ship with windows it was suppose to ship and was made for an application. So SHAME on Apple to make a font that looks like Comic Sans. Now when will we see BanChalkboard.

I made it to solve a problem with Microsoft Bob not to put into your computer. Apple made a similar font to put in your computer, didn't hint it properly and should be slapped for its bad choice. Show your face Chalkboard designer!!!!

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Are you serious?! That's pretty dastardly.
And there I was hoping that "think different" would apply to not stealing fonts too...


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and Comic Sans was not a copy of anything!!!!

It has been said 'it isn't the same as a comic book font' Correct it isn't it's just like some but not a copy of any. I can prove it in the future. It is not Book Antiqua or Arial ... but Chalkboard is EXACTLY Book Antiqua or Arial!!!

If Comic Sans is so bad why make one like it!!!!

Shame on you Apple!

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> Show your face Chalkboard designer!!!!

Don't blame the poor designer. He has to feed his family.
Blame the pimp, and the system which created him.


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It made me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as hard as when Apple made e-cards and used Microsoft's web fonts...hahahahhahahahahahahaha!!

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Oh sorry I meant Comic is the default Apple icard from Apple.turkey

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Maybe the designer of Chalkboard designed it for use with Apple Steve, a new kids title that the software engineers set all the speech bubbles in Georgia...

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Vincent, I can see why you might be upset over this new font, but the truth is, you don't have a lock on the market for casual handwriting fonts. If Apple wants to create a new design that just happens to bear some resemblance to Comic Sans, they have every right to do so.

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But it's too close.
Until Tiffany's post I thought it was Comic-Sans, even though Vincent was yelling "shame!"
I had to look at individual glyphs to make sure, and if the overall impression of the two fonts is the same to a font freak, they're certainly too close for the general public (not that they would care).


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Yes, it is much too close to Comic Sans, but there is a very obvious reason for this: lots of people are spec'ing Comic Sans for websites, so now they can spec 'font-family: Comic Sans, Chalkboard' and Mac users can see tacky websites as intended. As with Book Antiqua (for which, it should be noted, Microsoft made reparations in licensing Palatino Linotype), the goal here is typographic parity between operating systems.

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Which is probably a result of them dumping the MS fonts...


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"(for which, it should be noted, Microsoft made reparations in licensing Palatino Linotype)"

Perhaps Vince can also do a new version for Apple, with strong AAT support and large glyph coverage, including, greek, Cyrillic, and many ligatures like in Zapfino?

Hey Steve, please answer to Vince Icard!


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by the way ... I'm not upset... I'm just laughing at how stupid they are. To make a font that is 'similar' to Comic Sans and after I've taken so much crap from idiots who hate Comic Sans. As it is my fault. Which it is not, I didn't put it in Windows, someone else did.

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny to see Apple copy something that is hated so much... LMAO... as they say....

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Vincent, the vast majority of laymen love Comic Sans. Why do you think it's all over the place? No "decent" corporation cares what a minority of specialists thinks. And "hate" is too strong. For most of us it's just a fun tease/release, or at most a way to lambast public ignorance.

Anyway, this all is secondary to the fact that Apple is engaging in design plagiarism, instead of what MS did: pay a leading type designer to make them some original fonts. The least they could have done is just continue using the great MS fonts.


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The 4 and Y are different letterforms.
The r and s lack Comic Sans's "serif" on those characters.

Are the metrics identical?

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no but the concept is the same. It's not a serious typeface so no parts are the same. it is slightly lighter than Comic Sans.

It was finished as Chalkboard, Apple Computer, Tue, Aug 12, 2003

Comic Sans is Nov 8, 1995.

They didn't 'copy' it they just made one like it about the same weight and style but narrower chalkncheese

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Apart from the obvious legal and ethical reasons, why shouldn't Apple jump on the bandwagon? If Peter Lofting were part of the Ban Comic Sans brigade (I don't recall a sticker on the back of his Mini) then producing this font would be a bit two faced, but as you say Apple has been a huge supporter of Comic Sans for many years, so why not do a similar font?

Comic Sans is hugely popular, and is used in mainstream advertising on a large scale. I don't doubt for one second that many of these commercial uses of Comic Sans are generated on the Mac.

As for the hinting quality, as I understand it hinting is not a priority for Apple - subpixel antialiasing all the way on screen, and the pros using the font for the next big ad' campaign are used to working with un-hinted fonts.

It may not be a case of 'think different' but it's certainly fulfilling a need for Apple's core market - professional graphic designers.

Cheers, Si

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> hinting is not a priority for Apple

Neither are design ethics, apparently.


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As the founder of the ban comic sans campaign I'm probably as familiar with Comic Sans as just about anyone save Vincent himself. As a self-proclaimed Comic Sans expert, allow me to offer this amateur criticism of the Comic Sans wanna-be, Chalkboard:

The poseur font lacks the angular components which offset the vertical stress of the main strokes in the lowercase characters such as m,n, and h. The overall effect of angular vs. square lending Comic Sans much of its spontaneous and "fun" quality is missing. Hinting aside, Chalkboard is a second-rate imposter face.

Seeing them side by side makes me loathe Comic Sans a little less.
As Apple fonts go, this is worse than Sand.


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Unethical, but as a lettering fonts for comics I think it should work better than Comic Sans.
I understand all the bundle story et al, and I protested against the attack on you Vincent, but I always hated (hear me, Hrant, hated) Comic Sans outside its onscreen usage, so I really need to know: do you *really* like Comic Sans, Vincent? I mean its letters, its forms, not its overall functionality as a system font which is very good.
I've broken my head over that so many Times and not found an answer. How you, the designer of my beloved Trebuchet, could have *drawn* the letters of Comic Sans?

Please forgive me, I think it's my obsessive care about comics and good lettering (even if today's computer and not hand lettering).
Chalkboard: its unethical, it's unhinted, OsX antialiasing sucks (it makes even Georgia look ugly), but people using Comic Sans IN PRINT everywhere (I have just noticed a Hair Salon with their logo set on it, tremble) will hardly notice the difference.
And you may hate me for this, but if forced to choose just among two digital fonts in a post-atomic world where you need to do comic book lettering with a computer...
I would choose Chalkboard, I fear...

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Comic Sans is wonderfully readable and friendly, but the 'cuteness' is cloying outside its intended context. It looks like Chalkboard is an attempt to keep the virtues of Comic Sans and take away some of the cuteness.

I'm sure you, Vincent, could do a better job of a 'Comic Sans Regular' to go with the current 'Comic Sans Cute' than this 'Chalkboard' rip-off does. Have you considered doing your own somewhat more formal version?

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>>It may not be a case of 'think different' but it's certainly fulfilling a need for Apple's core market - professional graphic designers.

i give up.

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How can a font be worse than Sand?

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how? like this (sorry, but you asked).
are these fonts or digital lettering systems?

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One of the best parts about that link is the big word 'Sample' across the image, as if anything that blurry and tiny could be used for anything else!

Now I know where to go for that hot Strawberry Shortcake annual I have. :-)

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I think this is the latest addition to Apple's fonts, isn't it? Chalkboard, right? Comic Sans is much looser than this.

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Chalkboard showed up on my machine with one of the last upgrades to Jaguar. I meant to ask you about it Vince.

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