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Hey folks - i'm looking for some "pointy" fonts to use for some sports logos...i'm looking for similar to the ones here...[http://altpick.com/members.php?id=10120] on the "13th Floor" logo...as well as here [www.teamnastyracing.com] with the "TNR" & "Team Nasty" logos...if any of you have ANY ideas of fonts that are close to these type fonts - i REALLY NEED some "pointy" fonts!! PLEASE HELP!!

THanks - tom

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You might also try Fuel Fonts -- and they're free, too!

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... Apollo 26's 'Soto Flame':


(and Klaes' Fuelfonts are actually $10 shareware)

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Hey Simon: he asked for it, you help him. That's
not a shameless plug in my book. ;) Nice face.

There's also some Margo Chase stuff for example
(though I shouldn't advertise her faces as her
company never returned my enquiry about this
thread). I don't know if they're bold enough for
you though.

Envision | Kruella | Portcullis | Shiraz | Vitriol | Shogun | Talon

Percolator's not very bold neither, but it scores big
time in the 'tails and points' department. =)

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