Something similar to JohnDVL

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This is a dodgy typeface, "Johndvl", the detail of the characters is really bad, but i am looking for something in a similar kind of vibe. so far i found "B52-ULC" which is somehow similar to "Machine". any suggestions?

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Similar vibes;
Numberplate France*
Pill Gothic
United Sans

* I can't find a way to link directly to the fonts, you'll have to browse your way. EDIT: Fixed!

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Looks like Alpha Headline from lineto but it's custom.

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A couple from Optimo;

EDIT: Tim, I suspect your link to Optimo above were to these typefaces, however your link didn't work for me so I re-linked. :^)

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Thanks Geoff, operator error on my part I suspect.


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Geoff - The direct link to any Lineto page is found in the little navigation panel at the bottom. Copy and paste away.

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Thanks Stephen, I totally missed it! Links fixed.

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SOPHISTO might fit depending on the project?

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Cape Arcona has some similar grid-based, distorted types:

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Storm's Politica I likey.

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