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So here is a new font that I’m working on, decided to show it off a little. So far I’m liking it, looking for suggestions and critique. Thanks.

i know that i have to move "r" up, make "o" a little larger, maybe "i" and "l" longer and extend them a little below the baseline, looks like "y" is falling forward.. i would chop the tail off "s" but it looks way to good in "is"... well all of that will get done tomorrow...


Ok, so Im trying to finish my last year of college while working so I can't get to finish this font, for those of you who liked it, you can download lower case character set at:
just copy paste in place the text and change one of the layers to one of the font variations and colors for best results.


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Wow - a very cool font. I like it a lot. Beautiful, poetic and original. I am in the believe that typography has two purposes - one is everything about reading, and the other is about identity and/or personality – to help the designer express something. You little beauty is really personal, and I like to use it sometime.

One thing however:
Have you tried making the "a" a little smaller? It could be mistaken for "o" as it is now.

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This is a fun concept, I'm curious to see how it evolves. My first thought was that the base letterforms are too geometric. The swashes stemming off look to be drawn with a different hand, more elegant than the heavy part of the glyph. Right now they seem like two separate parts rather than one organic face. Maybe that's what you are going for.

I like how the letters interact with tighter kerning. If I used this type it would be in display settings, one or two words.

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I would experiment with different amounts of embellishment. I think slightly less embellshment would make the face more useful. The curls might be made to seem integral to the letters too. Right now they seem a bit pasted-on. I concur with what Anthony ( graphicfuzz) said about the base letterfoms being a bit too geometric. The 'a' especially.

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Gentlemen, thank you for your comments, I am currently reworking the characters, to make them more unified with the curls, and lessen the amount of such…

while I started on that I bumped into what seems to be a neat idea, layering old and new characters, I think it works well, what do you think?

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...layering old and new characters, I think it works well, what do you think?

Post some samples - it could work, however, I'm more interested in seeing how you refine these characters without the distraction of layering.

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GraphicFuzz and EbenSorkin I took your advice. last updated pdf for you to critique is “am I almost there.pdf” Characters been modified to blend with the curls, and the original font is being pushed to the background and ghosted out I’m start on the caps for now, again, thanks for the input.

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Coming along. I like how you've resolved the curls on some of these characters (the "a" is working better, and especially prefer this simpler "o"). Some characters still need work IMO: c, e, s, y, z stand out.

I still wish the base forms were more "caligraphic" (don't know if this is correct term). Strokes need more thick-and-thin variation - you're doing it in some places, I think it needs more to avoid looking so tube-like. Hopefully, someone with more tyographic knowledge can advise you.

The layering is a nice effect - adds some energy and movement. In fact if you really wanted to broaden the scope of this project, maybe you could make an alternate set with different curls to be used specifically for the purpose of ovelapping.

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thanks for the input Graphic fuzz, ill be taking a couple of days to do some work, and then resume working on the font, I should make some progress by the end of next week.

Good luck

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My impression is that things are geting better. The base letter forms & the curls seem to belong together more now. There are still some problems in two areas that I want to suggest you look at.

One is in the base forms themselves. For instance- the t is so tall it almost reads as an f. The a is still a bit more abstracted than I would like. Perhaps if the lower bubble was smaller that would help. Look after your letterforms a bit more & consider some ways to make their legibility greater. You can always go back afterwards & add the the curls. Also, it might be fun to have a face that the curls add to rather than just one face.

The second issue is the way the letters interact next to each other. As things stand the interaction is a little too random. If you alter your base forms & carefully consider your curl placement the parts can be made to fit together ( or overlap ) in a way that feels less random & more organic. All the randomness is creating a level of background noise that hurts the fonts ability to be read.

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So yeah, iv been upgrading my system...
Ether way, i restarted the project and taken into the consideration all the mentioned points. I got most of the needed sketching done and will start transferring them from paper into the digital realm on monday. Once again thank you all for your input, You been lots of help... If you are curious to see what will come of this check back in a week or so. Ill talk to you later.


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A little late for a reply maybe, but I just wanted you to know your font IS superfunky! As opposed to GraphicFuzz, I actually like the absence of calligraphic thick-thin variations. I think the straight lines add to the personality of your font.
I think it might work great as decorated capitals in use with another font. The bodytext is maybe too much, but the alphabet line is sòòò cool!
Hope you'll be posting your progress here.

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Updated links to download current version...

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Would you post a PDF?

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