Nevermind the football who has the best type?

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Sweden -- for being so confidently stuck in the '70s. They still play Abba at all their athletic events.

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This guy causes the Dutch shirt typographer most problems.
{edit: of course the Dutch have a shirt typographer – can you think of any other nation more likely to have one?}

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I felt that the player's numbers stuck to the front of the Dutch players shirts looked like an after-thought - like the Helvetica '20' on the front of the $20 bill.

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> Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink

Yeah, I saw that guys shirt in the last match they played. He uses all three parts as a last name, so it starts near his waist, goes up to the neck, and then all the way back down again.

To the original question, I like the Auzzie shirts (the first #9) in the images. The number font doesn't look as impressive up close, but it was very cool looking from fan/tv viewer range.

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Putting nationality aside, I find the Portuguese numerals quite cool.

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All of them are geometric and modulesque....

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Sadly this link has gone away...

...but contained some interesting comments from Korean designers regarding the lettering used on the Nike-produced shirts for their national team.

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those Puma (?) shirts with that all-lowercase font are horrible, and with every other team using them it just makes it all the worse.

Sweden's is a daring choice, but it doesn't fit at all and it's barely legible. no idea what Stephen is talking about it being stuck in the 70s though.. that font looks pretty futuristic to me, and not in a 70s type of futuristic way either.

call me a traditionalist, but i like Mexico. Mexico and football seems to equal triline/biline fonts (just look at the art for when they hosted the tournament). classy and retro-cool.

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which font on that portuguese jersey???????????

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It's cool that the Dutch shirts have collars.
Shorts with pinstripes would be cool.
Camo could be useful.
Type? Who needs it!

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Heres a nice link for everyone who is interested in trikotnumbers:

Especially the articel about the netherlands make me laugh.

Sander Neijnens wrote there:
The new numbers of the Dutch team are inspired by Dutch coins, Dutch stamps and Dutch architecture, but they can also be reconstructed with Dutch toiletpaper.

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The numbers on the Nike and Adidas shirts are so disappointing; but I am happy that I at least succeeded to make someone laugh about the Dutch shirts. Humor is the best way to survive bad typography :-)

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Italians dressed by Dolce & Gabbana

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