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Im trying to figure out where I can purchase "Epoch" from Union fonts. It is shown on page 752 of Indie Fonts volume 2.

The website seems to be down? Anyone?


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Jim Richardson of Union disappeared a few months ago. I heard once he was still alive, but I don't know the fate of Union Fonts.

You might like Armchair Modern as an alternate.

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Thats odd, huh?

What suggestions would you have for a flexible sans serif family to pair with that?

I'm thinking something with a Franklin Gothic vibe--but possibly a little more humanist?

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Brown Gothic

All brilliant and underused.

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Where can I get a PDF speciman of Spiegel??
The FontShop specimens sucks--no offense. ;)

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If you email or call FontShop they will gladly send a PDF specimen of any font we sell.

No offense taken. Can you be more specific so we can make them suck less?

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Jim makes mention of Union's closure here... http://typophile.com/node/8461

Cheers, Si

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