(x) The Avalanches "Since I Left You" album cover - Tasmin Bold {Mike F}

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Does anybody know the font using?
Thanks to help me !

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Reminds me of Busorama, but that's not it.

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looks a bit like Nick Curtis' Grenadier, maybe modified...

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This is an astonishing album, but unfortunately they used that same typeface in orange on a similar textured background at a tiny point size for the credits... impossible to read. So frustrating, as I'm really interested in what samples they used.

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The typeface was a predigital one called Tasmin Bold. The only digital version of Tasmin (and it happens to be the bold, too) I've ever come across is called Tango by Softkey/WSI. That's an unholy alliance of ripoff fonts cloners but, again, I know of no other version in font form. You can see it here:

Fontage's webmaster doesn't provide for the download of fonts that she doesn't know for certain to be legitimately free. No doubt, however, a Google search formatted just so will turn up the font itself.

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You nailed it Mike. It's shown in the Solotype Catalog (p.164) and in one of the Dover font books that show complete fonts from the Solotype Catalog. I don't know which one offhand, but I used a scan from it for the showing of Tasmin in my Bauhaus Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks Mike. Yours is a much better showing.

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