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I have been doing freelance design work for myself for some time now, and have decided i need a wordmark. Here are three ideas that i have been working with and i need some feedback. Please help.

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1) Is the flower thing supposed do dot the i? Why is it moving to the right? If not where is the dot? "DESIGNS" doesn't seem to be the right type for that, it feels too letterspaced and too light if reduced. This one looks the strongest of the three.

2) This one looks like an after thought. The placement of "designs" leaves me wondering why its there.

3) Need distinction between lisa and redden.

*Logos for design companies always seem the hardest to me. On top of that designing a logo for yourself is always the hardest. What is the theme for these logos? How much sketching did you do before going to the computer?

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I have fixed the mistakes, but i agree with waht your saying. I have been working on this for what seems to be FOREVER and nothing seems right. I have done a ton or sketches like you said designing a logo for yourself is the hardest thing. But i will keeo trying.

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Yeah, Keep trying things out. Use a pencil & sketch up a storm. And ask yourself the kinds of questions you would ask if you were woirking for a client. What is it meant to say, who is it for, etc.

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