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Hi all, I have recently designed my 2nd typeface, and was looking for some feed back, and any suggestions on issues to watch out for in the future… I know that my characters in both fonts have too thin of a stroke, and I’m heaving kerning issues, it takes me as much time to kern as it does to do everything else, is that normal?

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Just checking: did you finalize the SPACING of the font before starting the kerning process? That's the way to do it. Even if you did, kerning is a time-consuming process. It's not easy to think of every possible combination. It helps to have text files handy so you can test everything visually (like in InDesign).

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Crossgrove, you were right, i didnt spend enoughf time on spaceing, and thats why kerning killed me, ill keep that in mynd for next time for sure.
thanks for your input, good luck.

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