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German typeface designer, currently working in Berlin. Born 1965.


Employee at MetaDesign. Involved in the design of the CI and navigation system of the BVG (the Berlin transit authority). During this project, MetaDesign created FF Transit, which is used by the BVG and distributed by FSI FontShop International.

Afterwards independent type designer. Krause develops typefaces for corporations and for FontShop. During the mid-1990s, he designed a signage font for DeutscheBahn, which was meant to be more legible in large sizes than Helvetica. This typeface will most likely be seen less and less, however, as the Deutsche Bahn has a new series of typefaces (2005), which were designed by Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz.

In 2006, FontShop Berlin released Trivia a demo font designed by Krause. Trivia is in the style of many contemporary sporting event fonts, and some consider it similar—but significantly better—than the typeface used in the World Cup Germany 2006 identity. Trivia is expected to be released as a full typeface family by FSI FontShop international in the future.

In 2006, he translated (and expanded) Karen Cheng's Designing Type. The German edition, published by the Verlag Hermann Schmidt in Mainz is hardcover, and longer than the english edition. It is also not set in Univers! The German title is called "Anatomie der Buchstaben – Basiswissen für Schriftgestalter", which is better translated as "Anatomy of Letterforms—Basic Tips for Type Designers."

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