The Nebiolo Italian Type book

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Came across this on Creative pro's website the other day:

With lots of neat-o pictures too!

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Do you know Garaldus?

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I have a very nice copy of this particular specimen book. The Italian foundry specimen books are always wonderful to page through. Lots of faces there are relatively unknown in the Anglo-American sphere.

One of the faces, Fregio Serie 900 was a grid construct. Very cool. Various pieces of the shapes of letterforms could be put together to form the actual letterform. Sort of like Sumner Stone's Means/Ends, but, as a metal face, I'd bet a lot more fun to put together.

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If I may ask, Gerald, what would be a reasonable price for this book? It looks wonderful, and I'd like to pick up a copy for myself. I've got a birthday coming up... ;)

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These are kind of hard to find. is a good general source op books but book dealers who specialize in this area are more apt to have them. Oak Knoll (US), Veatches (US), Francis Wakeman (UK), Minotaurus (Netherlands), etc.

Prices for this probably run anywhere from $75 to $250 (I'm taking an educated guess) dependent upon condition and dealer knowledge.

Some of the earlier Nebiolo (1930s?) are really something. Fat little suckers just packed with goodies.

Hoping you have a happy birthday.

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Just a further note one this.

For those of you with interest in metal type, several of the Nebiolo offerings (as well as faces from other European foundries, including Zapf's Virtuoso!!!) are still being cast at

including the Juliet mentioned by Berry. The specimen sheet, showing the face from 12pt to 60pt, is a great example of optical sizing. Incredible.

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Thanks for the information, Gerald.

(My birthday's not until July, but it's never too early to start planning a gift for yourself.)

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Fabrizio ~

Afraid not ~ I don't know Geraldus.

Were you by change referring to Geraldus Cambrensis of Wales? Although I'm not sure yet what he had to do with type though.

here's a link when I googled geraldus:

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Not Geraldus, but Garaldus, by Aldo Novarese.
Here you can google a very short specimen:

Garaldus is a Garamond close to Bembo.

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Not Geraldus, but Garaldus, by Aldo Novarese. Here you can google a very short specimen:

Garaldus is a Garamond close to Bembo.

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To keep this thread alive and breathin'.:

As a birthday present, i got myself a rare copy of one of the breathtaking Nebiolo Type Specimen Books..

A 'Typophile Exclusive'.: Here are some scans out of that fabulous book.:
( 'Quirinus', 'Orlando', 'Narciso', 'Neon' and 'Fluidum'.. )

Nebiolo 01 Nebiolo 02 Nebiolo 03 Nebiolo 04 Nebiolo 05

Courtesy of Nebiolo Type / Torino, Italy and the formlos / TypLib.. :-)

( Just to state.: All rights reserved, Nebiolo Type / Torino, Italy.. )

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I would be curious, no I am curious, for more information about this book. For instance, where did you get your copy? What other typefaces does it list? How much of a "gift" was it? Even if you send me a private message, it would be lovely. Thank you.

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did you bought it at ???


ich hab mir auch

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Sure, Tiffany.:
I bought my copy via, from a library based in Buenos Aires / Argentina..
( Its a portuguese / spanish version.. )

Some more facts'n'figures.: around 125 pages; around 30 shown / featured typefaces..
( Typespotting.: 'Adamello', 'Barnum', 'Bastone', 'Bodonia', 'Donatello', 'Egiziano', 'Etrusco', 'Fluidum', 'G.B.Bodoni', 'Gotico', 'Hidalgo', 'Inglese', 'Landi', 'Maccina da scrivere', 'Marco d'Oggiono', 'Narciso', 'Neon', 'Nilo', 'Normanno', 'Orlando', 'Quirinus', 'Razionale', 'Rinascimento', 'Rolando', 'Semplicita', 'Tiziano', 'Veltro'.. )

( I think its just a excerpt / part of a more complete collection of the whole archive.. )

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