(x) Desert Living Magazine - Univers & H&FJ Knockout {Lex}

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I met with someone from this publication recently, and I "may" work there. Just doing some research, and I have these 7 samples here. I have a feeling that a few are duplicates, just different weights/styles. I am not so keen as to be able to identify as most of you can, so, why not take advantage of this generous service. I have uploaded each one as a different file, so I would appreciate it if you include the number of the sample you are identifying in your response. Thanks much.

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Some of the numbers might be wrong, but it's definitely all Univers and Knockout.

1. Univers 55 (could be 45)
2. Knockout 29.
3. Univers 65 and Univers 45.
4. Knockout 30.
5. Univers 45 and Univers 55.
6. Knockout 30.
7. Knockout 46.

- Lex

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Thanks Lex.

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