A website I made for a good bass player I know.

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I just uploaded it: www.javybojorquez.com

I used Devroye (a free font) for the buttons. Considering the website was made for free, and I don't know what I'm doing, I think he should be happy.
; )
Seriously, any easy-fix critiques accepted.

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I think some basic rollovers would be useful on that sidepanel
navigation. Visual confirmation of a link besides the pointy finger
is a big but basic usability plus.

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I just checked into what a rollover is, and learning and implementing them doesn't come under "easy fixes" for me. Especially in the free category.

If you meant adding screen tips, I just did that.

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Rollovers aren't going to get any more expensive than what you've built already? I'm referring to a javascript onMouseOver/onMouseOut rollover for the navigation on the left. It could be as simple a change as creating an alternate version of that image with an underline.

Some resources:




Hope that helps.

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Rollovers aren’t going to get any more expensive than what you’ve built already?

If my time isn't worth anything, no, I guess not. Unfortunately, I have a lot of things on my plate right now, in a lot of different areas of interest, and also some obligations.

It would require learning about them, implementing them, then puzzling out why it isn't working right, etc.

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Nice one.

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No offense, but if you admit you don't know what you're doing, if basic coding & behavioural implementation is out of your reach, if the quality of the graphics is very (very) low and the the overall "development" gives a less-than-solid impression, are you really doing your friend any favours?

If the skills are out of reach to build from scratch, why not just create a blog-site using a (free) pre-built template? Sure, not much in the way of distinction, but, quite frankly, if the budget is zero, this route at least gives you a well built, functional and standards-compliant web page that does what it's needed to do.

The web seems to be dangerously tempting for folks to forget the basic principle of "just because you can doesn't mean you should."

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Yeah, there are some very basic problems - apart from aesthetics - like the fact that the nav jumps around a lot when you click from page to page.

The nav items don't seem truly flush left.

There is an inexplicable "Y" beside the photo on the home page.

The text ragging is uneven, esp on the home page.

Your page headings are sometimes FL, sometimes centered.

Text too close to photos.

Plus it looks like you designed it using an outmoded screen size. It feels very squished into the upper left on my monitor.

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No offense, but if you admit you don’t know what you’re doing, if basic coding & behavioural implementation is out of your reach, if the quality of the graphics is very (very) low and the the overall “development” gives a less-than-solid impression, are you really doing your friend any favours?

That was the point I was trying to avoid making the second time around. I didn't want to be so direct in the fact because the OP had asked for critique in good faith. When I wasn't given such a happy response to my suggestion, I did try to give some examples that do a reasonable job of explaining rollover implementation.

The thing that people must realize when coming out of nowhere with building pages for people is that there are certain basic standards that now exist on the web. Users are extremely fickle and basic things such as rollovers and hovers on links have become a set standard. It would do you well to spend the time to learn to use javascript rollovers at this time, because every page you build in the future should be using them as well.

As Jason says, the option of pre-built templates is definately there.
There are hundreds if not thousands of options from which to choose if you don't have the time or the want to explore building something on your own.

I have always been a fan of doing something correctly, if I commit myself to doing it.

You were off to a good start. Hoever if you ask for constructive criticism and it is given to you in a polite manner I don't understand why all of a sudden you've struck back at me on the defensive.

I aplogize if I offended you, but I was just trying to be helpful.

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I aplogize if I offended you

None at all taken. I just spent too much time already. I just wanted to get him something, because he lost a good endorsement for not being able to link back to the manufacturer.

Easy fixes were what I was looking for. Some of the things Patty mentioned might not be too hard to fix. But Yeah, I should probably have started with a template. Maybe I'll do that when I get some time.

Ok, I just improved several things on Patty's list. Specifically, no jumping of the navigation column. and I separated the text from the photos. I don't know what text ragging means. But anyway, Thanks for the help.

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No offense, but if you admit you don’t know what you’re doing, if basic coding & behavioural implementation is out of your reach, if the quality of the graphics is very (very) low and the the overall “development” gives a less-than-solid impression, are you really doing your friend any favours?

Actually yes. Some people just need a push in the right direction.
And he is very happy with the result.

With Patty's help, I corrected a couple things, and am satisfied that it will work for what he needs for now. And is easy enough for his wife to edit the pages, add photos, or endorsements and links.

And now, sometime when I want to get a group together for some kind of festivity, I get one of So. Calif.'s premier bass players (this guy is mind-boggling good) to play for a similar fee, so to speak. Now, I just need to find a good guitar player who needs a webpage...
; )

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I have to admit from the outset that web design (and even more the mechanics) is a black art to me, so please ignore any comments which are impossible.
Ragging is the uneven margin of a text setting, on your home page there are some short (copy light) paragraphs that would probably be better if the measure was narrower, you are trying to achieve a smooth (not dead straight) righthand margin rather than zig-zagging. It isn't easy but is worth looking for, as it will improve not only the first impressions of the site and will make the reading process more pleasant. The term comes from a description of setting, for example, ranged left, ragged right would describe the setting on your (and this) site.
As a general observation screen graphics tend to look a lot better when there is a neutral background rather than white.
I also get a heading in my tab saying “Your heading goes here”, this could be something to do with browser software.

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Hi Dennis,

i won't comment on the look of the site, but you should definitely hide his email address from email spiders - this is a good example how this can be achieved quite easily.
If you don't, he ll be swamped with spam - so save him the grief...


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The reason that "Your Heading Goes Here" is showing up on each of the pages is in the code, in the first few lines(right under the meta tags) you'll see:

Your Heading Goes Here

Changing that to something that quickly describes the site will make it look more professional, and it will help search engines find and index it better.

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“Your Heading Goes Here"

I forgot that thanks!

Thanks for the e-mail munger link!!! That is great!

I'll work on the ragging thing.

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Thanks to Jason for the suggestion of using a template. I was having trouble getting tables to stay where I wanted them, and somehow the odd table behavior dissappeared when I used a page template, as well as helping with many of the things Patty was talking about.

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It looks better - but on my browser - Safari - the text on the home page is now touching the photo. Also the text block on the home page extends way wider than those on subsequent pages, can you constrain it into your grid better?

I assume you've tested this on multiple platforms/browsers.

It is nice of you to design a web site for free. If you want to learn more about web design - in a quick & basic way - I recommend lynda.com where for a monthly subscription price of $25 you can take Quicktime tutorials (as many as you want) in Dreamweaver, GoLive, etc. I was able to put my site up http://www.patriciafabricant.com in less than a month. I'm sure the code isn't perfect but I think it works pretty well. lynda.com also has tutorials in photoshop, illustrator, etc.

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I don't have any other browsers to test with, but I just made the buffer cell 15 pixels, and the table 75 percent of screen. Hopefully that will help.

As far as making websites go, I am thinking this seriously interferes with my fontplay time. I'll think twice before offering again.
; )
Thanks for your input. I do feel much better about turning it over to them now.

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Why don't you just advice him to put up a myspace page?

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Because neither he or I would know what that is about, for starters.
I'm done with it for now anyway.

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Myspace has become very useful for musicians and bands. It might be worth his time to poke around at least.

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It does look interesting. But I'd have to lead him through the process. One of the crosses I bear in this life, is that I apparently don't get to have any close relationships with anyone with a higher-than-beginner level of technical competence. The upside is they all think I'm a magician.

Having your own domain is great for just the e-mail reason. I found him a pretty good deal with 1and1.com ($2.59 a month). Globat seemed to be stuck on $6.99 a month, for waaaay more space/bandwidth than he'd ever use anyway.

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