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Need some advice on this type/image I'm working on for press kit that will go to Russian media outlets. This is my first draft. The final design will be screen printed on ready-made presentation folders, a bright color on a dark colored folder. The Russian title translates roughly to "Rock against Racketeers", the story is about a theatened music equipment factory in Russia.

Not being a Russian-speaker I'm having some trouble determining if this design will read with my Russian audience. I've consulted with a Russian friend regarding mixing the English and Russian, and he thought Russians would know the word VOLUME since most sound equipment they buy has English labels, but he didn't see it as separate from the title and part of the image.

How does this read to you? Does it seem like part of the title, or is the language variation enough to separate it?

Any other comments on type/design (whether you know Russian or not) are also appreciated.

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If you are concerned with the word “Volume” cutting into the title, then don’t worry about it, language difference is enough. Just an idea regarding the word at the bottom…
BE33AKOHNR- BE3 translates as “without” 3AKOH = “law” and NR is just an suffix,
you might play with that a bit…
Well good luck with your design.

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Thanks for the feedback, Aleksey. I'm consulting with our translator to find the best wording.

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