Dutch/Scottish/American Type (weddingpalooza)

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In order to aleviate the my mother from the unrelenting torture that is my sister's wedding, I've offered to design the wedding invitations. It's actually an interesting challenge. We are Dutch, living in the US, and the marriage is to a Scotsman. I would like the typography, however subtle, to reflect this.
So far, I"m thinking of using DTL Renard as the Roman. I don't want to muddle the thing up with 3 typefaces. A Roman, a script and perhaps a few flourons to choose from.

ideas? suggestions?


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How about a Matthew Carter face, Scotch-based, designed by someone trained at Enschedé



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Storm's Splendid has a nice script with a serif and sans.

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wow thanks. splendid really lives up to its name.

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