(x) similar to Cooper - Cooper Black Swash {Norbert}

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Sorta like Cooper, but the swashes and extended serifs are throwing me, any ideas? Doesn't have to match exactly, just need the general feel...

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Customised Cooper Black.

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There was a swash version of Cooper long before I was born. I wonder if this is it, or if this is just customised.

- Lex

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It is Cooper Black Swatch, Oh No the world is coming to the end!

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FYI --
Cooper Black was available with swash and alternates on font filmstrips by Compugraphic for the old EditWriter typesetter.

It's listed (along with Cooper Black Italic with swash) in the contents of "Swash, Alternate and Antique Type" brochure (printed 1979 -- a couple of years before I got there) but for some reason I must have cut that page out years ago from my one and only copy!!!

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