Using dotless i

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I've read in Elements that the dotless i is actually a Turkish character and also used with floating accents. Is it fair game to use it as a sort of alternate in words like "With" where a tightly kerned Wi may cause problems with the dot?

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Certainly! Particularly in display typography. Also, when I dislike a font's dot, such as ITC Johnston's diamond, I just command-shift-b that sucker. YEAH!

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And don't forget your fi ligature.

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It is for display, actually. A client has asked why there was no dot on the i -- just wanted to confirm that I wasn't outside standard practice.

And my fi and fl ligatures are always in play...

Thanks, guys (and gals).

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Not sure if word processing or DTP software will be inteligent enough to sort and search properly if you use this. If document searching is important to you you might want to check.

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Definitely use that dotless i for all irritating combinations!

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