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this is the first topic i am submitting, and was encouraged after reading what you guys constructively said about Jerome Iveson and his creation. My logo already passed some tests and is established for some time now. But here i want to know what folks from the scene are thinking of it.

Some more about SK: (official site) (Logo variations)

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Check out Hrant's old thread on Metaligatures since there is real possibility in pushing the ambiguity of letter combos like "KN-NK".

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I like this one. I think working this into something even more organic might be QUITE hot.

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Thanks Norbert for the link to the thread. I know that i wasn´t the first to design a double meaning in a word. anyway, i think it is hard to force it to be like this. so in my case it was a natural evolution. after that i discovered this and was amazed on what has been done in this field so far.

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Nice ambigram, those pesky tm symbols though, can you hide it in the opening of the g? I might take a look at the crotch of the KN, where it is a bit black and be a bit more extravagant with the S top stroke (and g bottom stroke), the UN don't seem to be the same width (but that could be my eyes). I get the impression that this would look best at an angle, especially when combined with the Rio type. Good work.
ps I found their website very unuser-friendly

{edit} You might find this thread interesting as well

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Perhaps you could clarify for us who your target audience is? What are the core values of the Sunking brand? I found the "official site" to be completely uninformative and very user-unfriendly.

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