(x) Solar Arkestra fat face - ITC Firenze {Norbert}

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could someone identify this font (solar arkestra)

I am supposing that the ampersand is from the same font as solar arkestra... if not could you id that as well?


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ITC Firenze

(edit-a-bit): But the ampersand is so slightly different than the specimen I have (ITC Typeface Collection, 1980 -- the BIG BLACK BOOK).

(edit-a-bit-more): I have not found a digitized version, though at one point pre-digital I believe there was a look-alike named Florence (the city which is known as "Firenze" to Italians).

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i can't find it in the itc web...

oops! you just added that last edit! :)

i see, so it doesn't seem to be available...

Thanks for your fast id

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Sorry, I don't have a great digital camera.

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Looking at your sample of "solar arkestra" it looks like some of the characters were condensed a bit... the uppercase E for example. Which might account for why the original ampersand is narrower and almost closed like your sample.

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hey there!

the top font i used was indeed Firenze. good eye on that.

The ampersand was redrawn from a printed sample that i have of pistilli roman.

feel free to get in touch with me for any other questions!

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Thanks, Justin... nice work.
I've missed a few IDs lately so I gotta get my batting average up again :-)

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Hey Justin, good to see you here.

I emailed Mr. Kay about this very thing for my post on Threadless fonts. There was a version of Firenze offered by Image Club but it has since gone "out of print", as it were. Ask Monotype about that, I guess. In the meantime, I offered some alternatives in my Typographica post.

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Hi Justin, where did you get your digitised version of Firenze?


Norbert, thank you for the specimen pic!

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Do none of the alternates I listed suit your fancy, dust?

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i've just checked that typographi post, thanks for the link, there are some good alternatives there..

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again, you just got me typing! :)

yes there are some suitable alternatives...
anyway having firenze would be nice.

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whats the name of the other font?

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Serif Gothic Black by the look of it.

Jumpin' on the 70's bandwagon.

Nick Cooke

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alex - if you follow my link, all is revealed.

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