"Bianco Rosso e Verdone", italian 80's movie

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Hi, can anyone help me to identify this type, from a italian movie poster?
(I hope, isn't custom/handmade!)
Thanks a lot!

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Looks like a Bookman Swash Bold customized.

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Bookman was my first thought too but Bookman has ball serifs on the c, a, and r.

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Maybe Mark knows, here it is on his site:

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It's Melissa Inline. Don't know if there's a digital version.

- Lex

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You're right, Paul, I knew it immediately, but didn't see this post until now. Melissa Inline (as Lex correctly identifies it) was an old Letraset font. Beautifully drawn, but almost impossible to use tastefully.

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...thanks all!

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