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I created a thread about a type ID; and thanks to everyone for their help but now it's turning up as the #1 hit on google. I deleted it off the forum and obviously it's not going to change immediately. But is there an easy way to prevent the thread from showing in the future?

"Comment removed. "

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No, there is no easy way. If only! It will remain cached as long as it is getting unique hits. And the higher it is on the board the greater the likelihood it will hold.

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Shouldn't have bee so hasty in removing it then and just renaming in hopes the link would have gotten cached with a new name. crap.

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Why would you delete a thread, especially if it was answered correctly?

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Miss Tiffany, while yes it was correct; and many thanks again, it was/is the 2 top results for "client name" and the client wouldn't be too happy about that.

It's why I didn't name it in the first place; but no fault to the admins here for putting it in the title after it was properly identified.

Just hope once the client gets a site it will bump it off.

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Oh! I'm sorry. I get it.

Next time just let us know you are trying to do things on the DL and mention you don't want names. Yves will respect that.


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hehe, thanks.

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How this topic is the top hit on Google.

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