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Yes, we are suggesting some new names for this italian ice lounge to be located on Mill Avenue in Arizona... But any comments on this first iteration of the logo? It's based off the client's drawings.. I'm definately going to tighten up the type and maybe add some more flourishes, but any comments on the general color and feel?

Thanks in advance.gelateria

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Depth of field issue. What if the top scoop was larger that the bottom giving the impression of the icecream cone coming toward the viewer? "Desserts Lounge" seems too large, a little bit anyway. That word, hum, how about just "Dessert Lounge"? That typeface isn't having much fun on the round. What about something a little looser? LetterError's Kosmik? or Cafeteria from Font Bureau? The asterisks seem too decorative to be acting like bullets, maybe? The large stroke around the centermost red circle seems too thick. All in all, however, a fun and simple solution. -- and the colors seem appropriate given the name. :-)

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Ok. so maybe The type is just not letterspaced enough. I just played with Anisette, some would say a geometric face, and it seemed perfectly content on the curve, but I had to letterspace is enough, not groteskly, just enough. So that is another font I suggest, Anisette by JFP (http://typofonderie.com) I was trying to make you a sample when my illustrator bit the dust for the millionth time today.

Maybe I'm wrong, I just don't feel like your type has any passion or emotion or humor. Sorry.

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Aaron, what's the target demographic?
And where is the store physically located?


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This seems too slick for my taste. Not
knowing the answers to Hrants questions, but I'd think a more "old world" look would be
appropriate (it can still have broad appeal). This really looks like it was drawn on a
computer, where as the feeling I'm wanting to see has a human touch. The cone more
illustrative. The type a little looser, maybe a serif with a swash cap and alternate ending (poetica?).
Better yet. Draw up some letters. Or if you're not ready for that yet, print some out and trace
over them. Then hand set it around the circle. Anything to make it more human. Also, take a
look at the dashes around the edge. Replace it with something more interesting. Loops or
floral or something.

IMHO, too much love goes into gelatto to be represented be a mechanical logo.

Good luck,

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Go to Baseline Fonts: http://www.baselinefonts.com/

The logo in the upper left. That's kind of what I'm seeing for this project. Dunno if that helps.


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Thanks for your comments... I was hoping this would be an ongoing critique and I could take your comments and my own intentions and work towards a better solution, but... since I was sub-contracted for this job, I have no say or direct contact with the client and I have been told they decided to go with a very literal translation of the owner's drawings... Which are crap... Oh well.

As I mentioned, this is for a store on Mill Ave. in Tempe, AZ.. a busy old-style downtown type of atmosphere... I agree it definately needs an illustrative touch... Hopefully someone gives them a clue before it's too late.

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If you can, perhaps you can give them the clue. Playing off of Randy's comments I see someting handrawn (like the signage you see on corner stores/bodegas) combining that with something sans for Dessert Lounge. Sort of like what Krispy Kreme does.

Good Luck

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