designing my own logo.

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Hi all,

I've set myself a task in designing my own logo, I've designed logo's before, but I find it much more difficult making one for myself =)

so I'm just curious what people here think of it really and maybe I can get some tips.

my name is david and I'm dutch but living in the uk where everybody always calls me dav (daaf in dutch), I'm just saying this so you'll kinda understand the logo...I think =)

I always like grayish colours with a bright that is why I chose the colours for the first logo, the second one is a bit more basic.

I've also tried writing it like : dav˙design, but I couldn't find a way to make that look nice...any comments are ofcourse very welcome!

thank you all so much!

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Nice job!
I like the first logo best. I really think the orange dots give it that "little something", but I'm afraid some people might say it interferes with the legibilty. Something that could be resolved by making the dots a little bigger (and perhaps with no fill and just a fat, orange stroke). Worth a try.

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I would prefer the 1st version, as well. ( Funny thing is that I am named 'Dav' as well. And that I never ever met / seen / noticed any other 'Dav's, yet. :) Two marks I created for myself, several years ago: )


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Very nice things, Dav 2 ;-)
The formlos logo is so cool!
I've had a quick peak at some other stuff, but I marked the site as one of my favorites to explore every inch of it later on.

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Thios seems fine to me but a bit more clever than it needs to be maybe. I have seen this kind of thing too much maybe too. What about a 'Daav'. THAT I haven't seen. Maybe make a nice aa ligature?

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I like both and I like Eben's idea too. Definetely worth a try.

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first of all tnx all for the comments.

I think the idea of writing it as daav is defenately worth a try.
I also agree that it might look a lot like many other designs, but I just like to keep it as simple as possible. So I'll keep experimenting a bit now with the daav idea.
Just another little thing..with the logo I have now it looks as though the d at the end is just a little bit higher then the rest, but it isn't...just noticed it after looking at it for a while (I have the logo as a wallpaper).
So again tnx and I'll be posting some more ideas soon!

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You might look at the kerning in your second visual the i's look as though they need closing on the righthand side ra also needs to be tightened a touch. On the first visual you could also try tightening the (i)d and loosening the des(i)gn. I also don't really see how daav would help, it distances the wordmark from a more recognisable/comfortable (to Anglos) word.

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When your selling design exoticism can be a plus. Especially dutch exoticism. Oh, & doh! I should have said 'Daaf' maybe. Anyway. Looking foreward to seeing what you do.

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not bad, not bad.

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