"San Marcos" blocky, italic sans serif font

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san-marcos.gif1.2 KB
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Smells like Eurostile oblique to me but I'm not sure about the weight.

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I think it might be Compacta Black skewed.

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Nope -- R has a higher waiste, and S structure is different. Dunno what it is though. :^/

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I know you guys hate these answers, but Block Gothic Extra Bold Cond with a 20 degree slant, with widening and flattening looks almost identical. I suspect many other somewhat squarish sans could also fill this need, if you just want a quick look-alike. (Pragmatism is good too, I'd say.)

(edit - if I could still attach pictures, like in the old days, I could show you, but we've 'improved' the system, so that older operating systems can not have this ability. gripe, gripe, grumble...)

- Mike Yanega

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This is indeed pretty close bowfinpw -- I think close enough for my client. Thanks!

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The sample looks like Eurostile Bold Condensed -but stretched horizontally and sheared.

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