Can anyone decipher this text image?

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Just received this from a friend of mine, asking for some critique.
Honestly - I can't read it. Can anyone of you?

I like the attitude, like it's something of a medieval piece of text, something like that. Anyway, it looks odd.

What about it, please?

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CRAZY. I can't make heads or tails of it beyond thinking it says



which is probably just too obvious. :)


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Maybe this is somewhat more accessible:

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I got this far:
(Would help to know which language it's supposed be. English?)



Someone smarter should take over...

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You're smart. The places you left open, are just those letters which i changed a bit, that is to say i replaced the dotted ascenders into regular ones:

h - d - b

Also the x is different in the second sample.

Eventually, i wanted to create a readable bitmap font, in the smallest grid possible.
(well, the first sample isn't readable at all without introduction, i know, but it was just a false topic start).

This font requires a maximal grid of 7 x 5 (h x w), seems quite small to me.

There is, by principle, no meeting of horizontal and vertical lines, in order to keep the letterforms 'open'. (that's why i changed the shape of x).

By the way, the first sample is medieval Dutch; the first 2 lines of Van den Vos Reynaerde (Reynaert the Fox).

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Oh, I see. I thought the dots were meant to be diacritics.

Speaking of tiny bitmap fonts, one of the smallest I've ever seen was KRN by Tilman. It was only 3 (three!!) pixels high. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on his website

It looked like this:

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I need a text transcripted... just a stupid font someone wrote to me shouldnt be too hard but i dont know how.. here it is


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Can't make anything of it. It's encoded script, I suppose, not a readable font.

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I like this font, Ringo & the second version is definitely readable.
It's also nice to see I'm not the only one who uses squared paper for a grid ;-)

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