"It's full of stars — Arabian Stars" black sans and Arabic script - Gill Kayo

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Interested in the Arab as well. No clue.

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Stars is Gill Sans Ultra Bold

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Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

No clue on the Arabic, but it's a nice match.

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I thought it was but I don't have the ultra to confirm, and the lc "i" is scooped out at the top and I didn't remember that detail.

Now the Arabic.

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Well done! Jupiterboy,
Can I have a look at the Complete Arabic Character Set?
Custom lettering works well for some words and fails elsewhere.
All the Best.

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Ah. I may not have made myself clear. That is not my work, but rather the cover of a book project by Jordi Colomer titled "Arabian Stars".

Having explained that, I'm working on a small project for a traveling exhibition titled "Dafatir". (Google if you want to see images from the show.) It features Iraqi contmporarybook art. Although we don't have the budget to set the full texts in Arabic, I wan't to possibly have the title set in Arabic.

I was so impressed with the well matched script and how it works with the Gill that I wanted to see if anyone knew what font was used for the Arabic or if it was custom. I want to look at all the options available, and would also look at hiring someone to set "Dafatir" in Arabic script with a similar feel to the type I choose for the book.

Feel free to contact me via my web page if you have interest.

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