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hello guys!
well im developing the visual id for a models and actors agency named lux (wich means light in latin). it have to be ellegant and clean, so i came to shure bout the symbol but need opinions bout the lettering...

thanks everyone and critiques would be welcome!!

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Explain the name. Why light? Like light weight (not powerful)? What does the mark after the name mean? Would anyone know what it meant without an explaination? I think this first version makes lux look weak (almost industrial, boring). I doubt that is the image you want the company to have.

You have two problems the concept is weak and the execution is weak.

One last question. Isn't fashion and modeling about style and substance?

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well, light means light like the sun, the mark it´s in a diamond shape that brings ellegance, simplicity.. but im concerned bout the lettering, not bout the symbol

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The 'diamond' shaped symbols may seem quite overused and sure already look kinda dated and 'retro', they at least do to me, and that may mess with the modern, light look of the type.


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Next to the l and u the x lacks the elegant quality, the languid curves. The diamonds are not integrating with the lettering, they seem a bit narrow and weighty.

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curvy font, harsh diamonds = no thanks.
I don't mind the type on it's own.

Re: the mark - what about playing with the idea of light cast by a diamond? ... just a thought.

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Communication Design, Melbourne

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ok ok ok, well, im working only on the lettering right now, so ill put it the few changes i made, and then, ill work on the symbol

the X still a doubt, need sugestions, im trying to integrate it with the LU... thanks for the comments

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Well the x looks a touch too tall and low and the strokes a little too heavy, to integrate it more you could look at some other x's like…

…for some inspiration.

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here i go again, thanks timd for the tips, i have made some changes, i think the tracking needs some improvement, hope you comment it

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I think the straight bar of the x needs to have a touch off the top and bottom (especially at the top it appears to be jutting out too much, this is visual rather than mathematical and might also be affected by my screen, printing it out and using that is generally more reliable than screen I find). The junction of the vertical and curve on the u is taking the attention a bit you could try raising the outside curve of the serif a touch, see if you can lighten it. As for the kerning ux could be a little bit tighter but really doesn't need much in my view.

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