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Well, this is my first attempt here, although i've just been looking for a while. This forum seems fantastic. The range of knowlege really surprised me.

I'm just getting into typography. I design as a hobby, so I don't have a large collection of fonts. I'm designing with free fonts and prepackaged stuff, which is sad, considering how many beautiful faces I've seen on this forum alone.

Anyway, I could use a critique for this logo:

Subliminal Logo

It is set in a free font called Forgotten Futurist. Really, I've only designed by sight until now, but I'd like to learn how to do it right. Any critiques would help, and I have an extremely thick skin.

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A few questions, is this a real company, if so what do they do or make and what is the symbol to the left represent? Dan

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IT will eventually be my own logo, for self-promotion. I've got a small protfolio of websites designed, so I figured I would compile them under a name.

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But what is the symbol? Is it a design for design sake? Educate me Daniel

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Daniel P,

try tightening the letters and playing with the interactions between forms.

there are some ligature possibilities that might
heighten the ambiguity...

Because of your name, it'd be a good opportunity for
more of a Sony/Aiwa approach, imo...

I'm not sure about the icon ... i'm trying to glean
something subliminal about it, but nothing.

What does it represent?


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I could be shooting in the dark here, but when I saw the icon beside the "subliminal" title, I assumed that the single strand curving behind the other three stands (foreground because the single stand is breaking behind them) represented a subliminal, background, or underlying message.

If you were to lose the icon, which looks very corporate, you might try something like drawing a horizonatal negative space line right through vertical center of the word subliminal

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I'm thinking with the name 'subliminal' the logo should be a little less...umm...'liminal' (if that is a word... ;o)

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i think the letters are very good. i tried tighter letterspacing, which may or may not be better...

and i'd not do an icon with it. it doesn't need it, and it's gratuitous. i was turned off by the icon because i couldn't associate it with anything i know about. i would concentrate on the letters.

how's this?

sub down low, liminal up higher

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Sorry, I left out the symbol's purpose before. There isn't one. It's just forms I was playing around with.

Here are some more attempts, sans graphic. Is this moving in the right direction?

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Scott, is this the direction you meant? What do you think of it?

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Yah, something like that, or this

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These are intersting. I'd suggest cutting off every thing that falls below the spine of the s. That will give you a nice

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I think a logo for a firm called subliminal SHOULD be subliminal. Make it almost unreadable or hidden in something else. The way it is right now, it really says nothing.. which would be okay, imo, just a typeface for a comapny is WAY okay in my book, but then you'd have to have a simpler, blander font and do away with any playfulness.

What I'd do, I'd make it very very simple, the kind of invisible simple typography and print it white on white. Or blindemboss it, as small as technically possible :-D.

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Daniel, I'd have to agree with Tiffany. The direction I was taking you is not the best

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HD you're on to something. One of the coolest easy Photoshop techniques is: Set your type or graphic and use a layer style like drop shadow and then take the layer fill down to 0% it preserves the layer effect but elimnates the fill. Good for a glass like effect.

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What about something like this?



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Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'm away from my system right now, but I've got a lot of new ideas just from listening to the discussion here. Can't wait to get back and try some of them.

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I think the suggestion I made addresses the minimal vs. subliminal issue.

HD mentioned white on white, or black on black (ala metallica) or blind emboss, or varnish only. This would be nice (so long as you

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Hrant, your suggestion instantly reminded me of this.

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Adriano, wow, that's even more extreme! I'm afraid to see the UC...

Actually, I got the idea from a Typophile t-shirt contest submission, the red one with the two kinds of apostrophes barely spelling out "TYPOPHILE".


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Joseph, that's a great font! I've been going crazy with it. Hey, if you can recommend any more typophile fonts, whether or not they apply to this project, I'd really appreciate it.

Based on the new font, some old ideas, and some new ones, adapted from Hrant:

Colors still suck at this point, and I have gone to B&W so I don't get locked into anything.

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Not to flood the forum, but here are a couple more. I'm not picky about what the name ends up being, either; I'm starting to like just "liminal" on the grounds of originality.

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another suggestion for you.

you could make these letterforms yourself, and somewhat easily if you went for something geometric.

this might be too techy/weworkforthem'ish but I immediatly was reminded of this poster after reading someone's comment uptop:


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I must say this is difficult to read..but hopefully it can inspire...

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sublime and ridiculous

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Very cool

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Dan, the second version down, in your "post number: 4" is very interesting. I would say that this conveys something being "sublimal" much more than do your previous ideas. And these latest ideas, from yourself and Scott, well these convey "minimal" to my eyes moreso than "subliminal".


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I think the biggest problem here is the font itself.

One of the coolest free fonts (that actually came through the Typophile Critique) is MRH Anton. It has obliques and unicase alternates. Very solid as free fonts go. It fits this squarish, sans serif look, but has much more interesting things going on.

Scroll to the end of the thread, he provides a link to download the font.

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