? how to design bold from a regular weight

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I want to make sure I got this right: for a bold weight you need to 1) mainly increase weight on the insides of the letters and less on the outside 2) bump the x-height a bit.
Is that right? or why do i have these guidelines bouncing around in my head?

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Add a nice big stroke! ;-D

Not to hijack but a girl in my class during a final critique was explaining her typeface choice and told the professor/class that she didn't have the extended 'version' of the font so she just stretched it horizontally....*shudder* (needless to say she got a D)

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I've been adding threads i've found to Family_how-to as i go along. If you find one I missed, please add it there (or here).
One problem I keep running into is broken links to old threads. I hope those get fixed somehow someday.

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To make a bold ya gotta move either east or west.

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thanx james! >^D

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ooooh nice thread.


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There was quite a substantial thread on this subject a few years ago. I remember posting a graphic from Frutiger that showed the technique clearly. I can't find the scan anymore, but the whole thread should be in the archive somewhere.


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James, here is your post with the fabulous drawing from Frutiger.

By the way, I found the thread with the applet (is that the right word?) that Grant Hutchison supplied early in the new version of Typophile. You can do the same thing by limiting your search on Google to the typophile site, which is what the applet does.

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