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Hi there,

I've just finished a degree in Graphic communication. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what to do next and how to go about getting a job.

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Getting a really good internship is the best way I know of to get your foot in the door.

That's how I got my first studio job. Choose carefully, though....

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Research the companies you might want to work for in the area you want to work, once you narrow down your ideal choices, find out the name and address of the Creative Director and write to them, making sure you spell the names of all concerned correctly, asking to come and show your portfolio. If all goes well, broach the subject of work experience or ask if there is anything you could do to improve your portfolio, or any other design companies nearby that might be able to help. Design Week, Creative Review or the Guardian on Mondays are the best places to look for vacancies but there will be precious few for new graduates.
Good Luck

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Well said, Tim.

Call just after lunch, too. The Creative director has probably had a coule of drinks by then ;)


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