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Hi people,

Can somebody recommend a good pixelfont? What is the name of the most common font used?


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Arguably, one of most widely used pixel fonts is Jason Kottke's Silkscreen. Whether or not it

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Hi Grant,
Silkscreen is quite OK, but it's a bit too small for the purpose - for instance a menu (only 8 pt)
Look at this attached JPEG.
Can you tell what's been used here?



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Couldn't say. It's not Underware's Unibody 8 Smallcaps, but that would be nice!


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I like Matthew Bardram's Remote if you're looking to save a bit of horizontal screen space.

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Martin Fredrikson's OH LA LA can be helpful too

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Hey guys,
Some damn good suggestions there, thanks!
Sevenet is definately my favorite and it's perfect for my purpose :-)


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-Fundamental, a very stylish font for text:


-Quadratis, a Trajan column inspired pixel font for titling, menus and folders.



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Wow! Fundamental and Quadratis are really nice!

Also check out my bitmap font link collection.

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That's because Peter Bruhn rules the school.

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