Does VOLT Help in Developing Arabic Fonts?!

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Peace be on All Friends,
In VOLT, Marks Positioning is carried out Independently for each letter and for each component of every ligature?!
So, to avoid the Collision of Marks with Marks and/or Letters in Arabic Fonts:
1 The thinest letter or ligature should be at least a bit wider than the widest mark. Just like asking 3 cowboys to stand side by side without allowing their Hats to collide. And this can be done at the expense of Beauty.
2 Marks should be horizontally centered on top of or below each letter and each component of every ligature. And this is not always possible even if Beauty is sacrificed.
Samples speak louder than words?!

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Saleem Ali > My font is near to ready.

@ Your font needs QB
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My problem is kashida word get in illustrator CS 6 rest of type in illustrator is very nice. I manually bay init tattwel= extend bay. I would auto adjustment extend bay how can I do. I attached trouble shoot pic.

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