{ Designers wanted for new foundry }

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Attention please!

TRUTH in Design wants talented typographers from any philosophy or style to publish high-quality original outline, pixel, and other font families through TRUTH in Design's upcoming type foundry.

We will sell your fonts, market and manage them, and return to you a competitive royalty. Processed ttf fonts are not required. 1-bit and 8-bit GIF designs are accepted. Non-Roman fonts are also wanted.

Interested? Please contact:

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By "processed ttf fonts are not required," do you mean that I could create an alphabet all on one page in a drawing program and just give it to you that way? I would like to get into professional type design but the cost of font software is holding me back, as a starving artist.

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You can give it to us that way, if you want to create a pixel font. If it is of good visual quality and original design, we will font-ify and publish it for you. For outline fonts, the biggest slice of professional type design, you will need a font tool. Free ones are available on sourceforge, FontLab is expensive and excellent.

Artists can work in the GIMP, Photoshop, and/or anything that can create a GIF, PNG or TIFF.

We are interested in picture fonts too.

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