(x) Choice Old Scotch Whisky copperplate script - various {gang}

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script help please, palace script has a lot of similarities but the caps are different. is there an exact match?

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Not really too sure about the font, I thought Whiskey was spelled Whiskey, not Whisky. Perhaps an English/US thing.


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The Irish and US spell "whiskey" (with an "e") and the Scottish spell it - "whisky" - but don't ask me why... ;)

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I'm not!!

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It's a kind of copyright, only Scottish produced can be labeled as Whisky. At least this is the story I heard.

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Berthold Englische Schreibschrift™ BQ
Englische Schoolbook
EF English Script

all come closer to the sample than Palace, still no "exact" match. Where is the sample from?

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a 'Black and White' whisky case

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looks like pretty clean sample, nice one.

you're welcome for the suggestions.


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The Scots were drunk when they wrote it. ;)

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Most of these labels are hand scripted. This is a standard copperplate style. You'll probably never match it, but all those fonts come close, including Artscript.

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English Hand at Walden gets you in the ballpark...

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That was the original suggestion by the poster, Dennis. :^P

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Oops...I was just looking at the sample.
: )

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