(x) Summer carnival fonts - various {gang}

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Hey guys - i'm searching for some fonts for a website - we're looking for some coney island/carnival/fair/summer fun type fonts - like we're using them to make logos for the events this summer and putting corny slogans with them such as "guaranteed fresh" and "test your strength" those type of things - so if any body has any good suggestions for "carny" type fonts please let me know - thanks guys

and the "free-er" the better lol
thanks again

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check out this website---may not have free stuff but it's a must see IMO!


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I was reminded of Letterhead Fonts yesterday by a post on another thread in this forum, and I think it's appropriate here, too. Take a look at Strong Calliope or a number of other things there. Pretty darn inexpensive and quite delicious-looking. I may have to visit there before I do my summer party this year.

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There's actually a free font (Fontalicious) called 'Coney Island' that might be useful:


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almost forgot-after my query about this font on another board here is a freebie fer ya...


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