InDesign Tip - Forgot to save a document? Hit 'no' by accident?

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Hi all,
Just today I was working on a file and when I quit, I of course managed to hit 'no' by accident. Luckily, I had one more file open and InDesign prompted me if i wanted to save that one. After hitting Cancel, I opened a new file, saved the other and force-quit InDesign remembering that it has a pretty decent crash recovery system.

Lo and behold, when I relaunched, there was the document I had told inDesign not to save.

Of course, be careful when doing this, perhaps there is a more elegant solution?

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Not sure, but InD is definitely on the ball when it comes to 'temporary documents' and recovering from crashing.

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Save and Save often,
Any Program!
Rodrigue Planck

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