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Hey Typophile, I'm new here.

I was just wondering what you guys think of this logo I'm working on if you don't mind. It's for myself.


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I like it, but people may read the 'H' as a 'K' because of the missing bar.

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thanks, hmmm... that's true I didn't realize that.

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Or, they might even read 'Ilumili'.
You know, People. And their reading habits. :)

Anyway, Other than that, I really like it.


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What about pulling the tip of the H over to be a dot for the 1st 'i'?

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I think it's very beautiful, but also agree that you should solve the H. And in my eyes it's not optically centered in the circle - the swash on the H could start a little bit earlier to make it feel more optical centred and give a little bit more room to the left. Just a personal opining =)

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Goran, if the swash on the H is started earlier wouldn't there be less room to the left? I'm a bit confused haha.

Eben's suggestion gave me this idea, version 2:

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I read it as k on accident. And why don't the i's have dots? I keep trying to read a u in there somewhere without the dots.

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Just a rough but it does read better.

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Humili, yes of course there would matematically be less space on the left (and more on the right) but optical it would look more centered I believe. Especially when the little ® also is there on the right to make the optical illusion even more visible.

It feels like the actual word "Humili" optical really starts a little later then the most left part of the swash, and that you should make the centering position with this in mind.

See what I mean (my idea is to the right) - I think your original is somewhat off centered, optical that is.

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Beautiful, but make it legible.

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Thanks very much guys. I thought the only thing making the logo really special was because there was no bar between the H and no dots on the I's. Legibility sucks!!!

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Having the logo have too easy legibility could take away from it's interest. In some logos a tension can help create interest - but if you have a logo that isn't readable enough it won't work. It's a balance. I think your on the wrong side o' da fence there with this 'readability sucks' stuff. I guess if it's a logo for a punk band it might be okay. Then your sentiment might match the intent of the logo... yeah: " Doo doo dah dah legi-bi-lity, sucks sucks sucks..' . What kind of designer are you? Maybe that punky kind?

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I didn't mean "legibility sucks" in that way as you can tell by the context of the sentence before it. I meant legibility sucks as in it makes it more challenging.

thanks, good points.

here's what it looks like now:

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I am aching to see the top left swash on the H join the crossbar, or at least the appearance that it could make a smooth join if one doodled on it, I would also like to see the swoosh make a more dramatic downward sweep. I would also try aligning the loop of the "l" with the upward stroke of the 1st "i" and moving the dots of the "i's" to make the spaces either side of the "l" appear equal. A joining spur on the first stroke of the "u" might help, as might making it slightly wider.
Very cheerful looking logo.

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I really like the last version alot. I think it might be nice to see it again without the bottom swoosh. For some reason it's just seems so to me.

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I think your logo is quite good! I would maybe look at putting a break between the H & the u. There is alot more contrast in the H than in the rest of the letters. I think you might want to address that. What does Humili mean? Is it about 'Humility' or is it a name, or a word, or a nonsense word like 'Camry'?

I wonder if it should be bigger & maybe higher in the circle.

Mostly what I wonder is if you are going to re-draw the whole thing to give it more flow & maybe more verve. All the tweaks have combined to give the logo a little bit of a fragmented appearance.

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thanks again guys, you're great help.
Humili doesn't mean anything specific.
tons of minor changes with everything taken into consideration:

I think it looks pretty complete =)

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I agree that the original right leg of the H was too big, but you've gone the opposite end of the spectrum now, find the middle grund, the rest is looking hot.

good work

Communication Design, Melbourne

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Great. I think that the l (as in 'ili' ) could have a little more meatiness. Look at the m. The l is a bit thin compared to it. See what I mean?

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I think it's looking great. The negative space of the "ili" combination bothers me a bit and the whole thing is sitting a little low in the circle--I know that might be intentional, but looks a little wrong--so move it up or down even more. I also keep wanting to move the registration mark up a little--also hanging down. Maybe not.

Remember that when we get to this really "picky" part, you know it's really starting to come together.

Okay, that was ten minutes of my professional advice--where's my five bucks? :)

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I like it, though it immediately reminded me of this:

(Not that that in anyway makes your logo's very nice. I just thought it was a funny connection in my head.)

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The negative space of the “ili” combination bothers me a bit

This does seem abit awkward, and I'm not sure the right leg of the "H" is completely right either, the stroke doesn't seem to flow as smoothly.

It's as if you had a really great looking Capital "L" and you tacked on the bar and other stroke to make an "H". It's just not as tight as the rest of your letters.

As a personal Logo, this is definitely high-caliber!

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That seems like quite an optical stretch for an H. It might get an arm ache.

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