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So this is the logotype for my soon to come personal page The idea behind it is, to go with the name, one line, continuous, no stroke variation. I'm not happy at all with the "e", any criticisms will be most welcome!

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Try a cursive 'e' that loops from the bottom left . . .

Stuart :D

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I like it , except for the e.

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kemie - this is a nice looking logo. besides the 'e', maybe you might look at the i-n combination. ?



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I like it, it reminds me of the script typeface on Björks new covers...

maybe do something like this with the "e"?


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reminds me too of the Bjork font.
I think you could push it further, like the old plessy logo, it looks like a typeface at present.
here's a logo (rejected) that i did for an airline fulfillment company. i still like it, particularly the way the bouma aids legibility.

symphony.swf (2 k)

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the bjork font has definitely been an inspiration, hope i haven't taken "too much" inspiration. Hoped to make it less of a typeface by using different ways of linking letters (o-n/o-l, for example) but i'm thinking of developing it into a complementing typeface later on... if i'm up to the challenge.

thanks for the suggestions, looking better :)

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Naw... Even if you were overly inspired, I wouldn't mind. I just love that script typeface... I wish I could get hold of it. :)

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I would like to see the typeface be more uniform. It reminds me of a paperclip. Try thinking in those terms and I think you'll see new ways to make the "o" and the "e"

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