serif display typeface with lots of ligatures

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a friend of mine is looking for the following:
a gentle but not weak - with a certain strength to it - serif typeface without too much stroke-contrast. ligatures are very important (as many as possible), swashes would be good, too. it will get used for display, not for text.

any ideas?

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What about Matthew Carter's Mantinia?

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Mrs. Eaves (gulp) has tons of ligatures.

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Hoefler text is also quite stunning and much more complete, with lowercase letters and lots of ligatures.

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Good recommendation Patty! Mrs. Eaves has a "smart ligatures package" which automatically places ligatures within selected text. Ergo, lots of ligatures!

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Storm's Jannon might be worth a look.

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Classica (this has practically every ligature you can imagine)


(yep, I did a search on myfonts for "ligatures"

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I looked at Storm Jannon - looks like they only have the basic ligatures. The ones I linked above have an extended set. Discretionary ligatures, as I just learned they are called.

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'Dederon', by Tomáš Brousil.


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Emigre's Dalliance has a bunch too - but it's probably funkier than you're looking for

Ooh - and Tribute! I like that font. Much less used & abused than poor old Mrs. Eaves.

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I looked at Storm Jannon - looks like they only have the basic ligatures. The ones I linked above have an extended set. Discretionary ligatures, as I just learned they are called.

There are quite a few discretionary ligatures in the Moderne Pro set, plus the Moderne Swash.

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maybe it's shameless... but one has to be impudent sometimes:
(see especially pages 2, 6, 7 for (roman) ligs, and page 10 - 13 for italic swashes.

The roman is almost finished and waiting for a last review after some time of being left in peace.
The italic is further behind (it has no ligatures yet), it will take some time yet to do kerning and finetuning.

So after all... it would be an experiment, forget it ;-)


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thank you all for your help. my friend was quite excited about classica.

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This is a test (trying to turn off italics)

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Sebastian, that's a very nice typeface you're working on. Please keep everyone informed...

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Hear hear. I like it a lot. As a book designer I really appreciate complete fonts like that. Do let us know when it's available for purchase, I am so tired of Thesis and Caecilia.

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maybe it’s shameless… but one has to be impudent sometimes:

I love it. I'd have to make up sentences like ""The band gives gigantic gizmos as gifts at the gigs." to slip that gi ligature into.
: )

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I love that typeface Sebastian

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The italic is quite lovely and as already has been noted so are the plethora of ligatures.

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Wow, thanks for this positive feedback! I don't want to hijack this thread, but if you have any comments or suggestions, I would appreciate it over here.

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Have a look at Musee, by DSType. Visit DSType, or go to TypeTrust for the purchase/download.

Wow. I'm using it now, actually. Phenomenal.

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Odile by Sibylle Hagmann, published by Kontour, available exclusively from Village:

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I don't think you need to be shy about advertising, Village - other designers/foundries proudly hawk their wares on this site, like Sebastian above. Why not identify yourself?

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> Why not identify yourself?

Nah, there's no real need for that. I'd rather have a spokesperson for a certain foundry anonymously posting helpful information under the foundry's name than some Billy Sastard annoying the hell out of everyone.

Hear hear, I think it's safe for me to proclaim that shameless self-promotion is tolerated and even encouraged on Typophile whenever it's appropriate. In this case everyone was indeed pointing out typefaces of their own with lots of ligatures, which was the actual request by the original poster. Well done.

BTW I think both Musee and Odille kick some major booty. Especially Odille has had me all giddy with excitement waiting for its release. Fabulous job -- eat this all ye black-clad, goatee-stroking DIN and Helvetica adepts. :^D

And I still like Mrs Eaves. A lot. It's deliciously awkward and very hard to use well, but when you succeed -- oh boy does it pay off. ;^)

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Gebr. Klingspor, Offenbach am Main
From 1935
Walter Tiemann

Preußisches Bleisatz-Magazin

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What about the king of ligatures, Paperback from House?

- Lex

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lex, i LOVE its LA-ligature, because my name all caps (BLANCPAIN), looks so nice with it (and very few typefaces have it).

this thread is pretty old and my friend already chose his font for the project, but i havent seen the outcome (and dont know if its finished anyway). but still thanks again for all your replies, im sure i'll dig this back up when im in need of ligatures.

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waking this sleeping thread: Feijoa.

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