Identifont redesigned

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Hallelujah - they now let you tell them before you start which characters you have - sparing you the pointless exercise of clicking through all the questions about the Q and the J.

Still didn't find my font tho.

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Identifont would benefit from allowing users to post font info themselves. An Identifont wiki if you will. They also need to draw a more firm distinction between fonts that fit the criteria you're searching for and those that are merely similar. I'm not sure I've ever used it to any successful conclusion since it seems to spit back every typeface in it's database if a match is not found.

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Yeah, I can only think of once or twice that it has actually given me the font I'm looking for. I think they should try to narrow down the font family (slabserif, geometric, etc) earlier in the process so it doesn't give you some crazy deco font when you want a garalde.

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The results are better now, I've found Ken. Tho if you're looking for something that's not in its database you'll always get similartos.

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Ken, please do write David Johnson-Davies, here:

Maybe he's busy, but he's always been very responsive and open to suggestions. There is also to add the fact many foundries were reluctant to give Identifont pictures and informations on their faces, which is very stupid.

Identifont is not perfect, but David is willing to make it always better…

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