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Hi All,
I'm after some advice on a job we're doing at the moment -
Our client is opening a venue with a modern-deco feel and we are trying to find a suitable typeface as their corporate font.
We love Scala Sans - however for several reasons we are unable to use that exact face - can anyone suggest an alternate face? I particularly love the crossed 'W' and anything that gives a sophisticated feel would be great.

Many Thanks,

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What about Neutra

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Can you be more specific about your reasons?

Martin Majoor released a follow up to FF Scala last year called FF Nexus.

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These are more deco than contemporary, but they stand the test of time:

Bernhard Modern (especially nice set all-caps)

Stellar (great caps, excellent for architectural graphics)

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Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

We've already looked at Neutra - but the low x height isn't quite as subtle as we'd like.

Stephen - reasoning for not using Scala is that our client came to us with a sample menu from another venue which uses Scala as their corporate face - (although they no longer exist we don't simply want to imitate what had been done prior - especially that they are in the same field)

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both slightly Deco but no crossed W's.

I think Nexus and Seria Sans will probably be too similar to Scala (in fact I don't really get why he released Nexus at all) if you're trying to distinguish yourself from the earlier design.

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You could also have a look at Parisine/Parisine Plus, very lovely.

Jigsaw is beautiful as well.

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Patty - I was a little perplexed by the FF Nexus release as well, but it slowly became clear. The family was developed together from the ground up, resulting in a much more compatible set of fonts. I am still a huge FF Scala fan, but FF Nexus serves well if congruous slab, sans, serif, and mono variants are all needed.

More here:

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