Why did MyFonts.com go ugly?

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Despite it's ugly new face, they've added some improved features. But what happened.

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They aren't trying to appeal to you. They're
trying to appeal to non-designers. But I'm still
not sure why they can't try both.


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For the same reason you can't get a teenager from Hicksville to enjoy angulas.


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You don't need gradients, kiddy insect graphics
and marshmallow buttons to sell fonts. But I
think their argument is that you don't need clean
design either.

Either way, I doubt they lost any users or customers.


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what's an angulas?


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The redesign is curious, or maybe just makes me curious.

two questions come to mind...who are these non-designers who actually buy fonts?
And has there been any kind of backlash by the type designers selling their fonts at myfonts?

personally, I enjoy the scope of info at the site and can overlook the clip art.


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A Spanish delicacy, the main ingredient of which is baby eels. Just the color (a transluscent gray) is enough to deter most people.



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Its uglier than the Bush administration environmental policy.

I'm with Joe, its like the Apple web designer just slept with the FisherPrice product designer and didn't use condoms.

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its like the Apple web designer just slept with the FisherPrice product designer and didn't use condoms

I agree though. I would do a redesign for free.

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I have to agree with bj harvey- there's enough content to keep me coming back. It's too bad it hurts my eyes.

As for the angulas, if those people pictured on that site, harant, are the people preparing the meal then I am definitely steering clear.

Suddenly, I don't feel so good.


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Can't you see it? It's the clip-art version of Apple.com?

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