FontLab line gap problem

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Hi all,

I've been having a problem with my ascenders and descenders brushing up against each other when lines of type are set in my new typeface. I'm using FontLab, and from what I can tell from reading the manual, my problem lies in adjusting the line gap. When I do this, regardless of the amount I put in, the baseline never changes. I'm completely stuck. Any suggestions?

Pretty please?Screen grab of FontLab

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Here are two more screens that might help in determining where I'm going wrong on this.Metrics

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You have "calculate values automatically" option selected. As I remember, it means that all data you entered into the first table is ignored and all values are auto-calculated on export.

Btw, what font format you want to generate?

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I'm not sure, but I guess you might need to scale
down your characters, Corey.
The second windows shows 'Ascender' = 930 and
'Descender' = -280. Which means, IIRC, total height
= 1210. It's bigger than your 'Font UPMs', set to

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Yuri - when I change the line gap manually, it changes the default from automatic to manual. I screen grabbed it in the wrong state, but thanks.

Eduardo - such a simple thing is always the fault isn't it. Thank you very much, I will recalculate the UPM and go from there. Thanks!

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