Typophile Instant Messaging

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As much as I'd love to announce some sort of custom app that we can distribute here, do many of you use AIM, iChat or another form of Instant Messenger?

Perhaps we could post our AIM handles here and create our own peer-to-peer typophlie chat free of those annoying browser-based script errors...

While at work, I'm usually using "jaredrazf"

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I can usually be found at either "GulliverUT" or "DGThometz".


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with AIM, rarely use it though... It seems more common in USA than the rest of the world.


with msn messenger.

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you can find me as jdura99 on AIM and jdura99@hotmail.com on MSN

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TomD (tomd@prolooksports.com) is my handle on MSN. We're discouraged from installing any other software (i.e.- AIM) on our systems.


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I just signed up with AIM just for you people.
(Luckily it installs without any of the messy
extensions if you pick "custom install".)

I am known as "elbowgreaser".


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Stephen, that is quite possibly the rudest "handle" I've ever heard in my life. Either that or I'm hanging around with the wrong kind of person.

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Well, I don't know. Who are you hanging around with?

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I think it means something else, but only in certain ummm... circles. I really am regretting posting now.

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I get your drift. But I feel elbowgreasing shouldn't
be an activity limited to those of certain "circles".
We ALL need a good elbowgrease now and then.
Take that as you will.

Hmm. Now I regret posting too.

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G.I.P. Grease in Peace!

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You guys sound like that Cats musical.


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oh, I'm "typecub" on aim, by the way.

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Tiff, are iChat handles visible from AIM?

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I can be found as Trilligen on AIM.

Mike Gastin

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typofonderie (AIM)

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AIM: Kakaze
ICQ: 85528522
MSN: Kakaze @aol.com

I can also be found on Undernet most nights as Kakaze.

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AIM/iChat: grantsplorp

I also occasionally hang around #newton { EFnet } on IRC.

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iChat/AIM: lorpaim (often)
ICQ: 33276324 (rarely)
MSN: hotlorp@hotmail.com (rarely, and don't email me there)

Grant, what's that 'lorp' doing at the end of your AIM handle?

-- Lorp

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chefantiuser on AIM
42669052 on ICQ
evilauoytaelliwygolonhcet@hotmail.com on MSN

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For the PC people that don't want all that AOL garbage that comes with AIM, I suggest Trillian as a good multiple-instant-messaging client.

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Trillian is truely gods gift to instant messangers.

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That's the beauty of Trillian. ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and IRC - all in one. And word is it'll have Jabber support soon!

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Laurence: Grant, what’s that “lorp” doing at the end of your AIM handle?

The handle is made up of “grant” and “splorp” … the latter being my online handle and primary domain name since 1996.

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ICQ: 13117730
AIM: hugothictype
MSN: listaz@designaz.com.br

Using Trillian here since its first version.

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Hrant - you on iChat or AIM?

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You're kidding, right? As if I don't spend enough time online...
Plus I get into enough trouble even when I have to think a bit before I type, much less "live".


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Ha ha! Ok, fair enough. I just assumed with all the time you did spend ...

Oh well.

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BTW - is there an accepted way of using AIM? For instance, I have not 'met' any of you here, but have added your names to my iChat. Is it OK to just pop in and say "Hello"?

Does one need to be introduced? I hate to be a pest as I know how I am when I am busy at work, but it would be nice to make some type related 'friends'.

Just wondering

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Maybe everyone should just agree that "i'm busy" is an acceptable response and not to be taken personally. (That's why I've held off both from joining this thread and keeping iChat turned on -- I already have plenty of procrastination aids!)

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Yes, that's what the status is for. I never IM people if they're set as 'away' or 'busy'.
I also tend to IM people to let them know I've added them to my list... it seems discourteous at the very least that you can simply add people to your list without their approval (this only happens on the AIM protocol, ICQ and MSN have their own authorisation systems).

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Okay, then, I'm meredithalix (iChat/AIM)

iChatters: to be found by AIMers, don't you have to give your screen name in the form of your mac.com email address? I.e. meredithalix@mac.com ?

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iChat will work with any normal AIM account/screen name. It will also accept a ".mac" email address as a screen name, but it doesn't require one.

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That wasn't my question. If someone has a .mac account (rather than an AIM account),I think their screen name has to include "@mac.com".

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That wasn't my question. If someone has a .mac account (rather than an AIM account),I think their screen name has to include "@mac.com".

Yes, it does.

I guess my problem was that you referred to them as "iChatters" rather than "someone who has a .mac account."

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Oh yeah, mine is itchyrobot

I like the term "handle," it reminds me of truckdrivers.

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10-4, good buddy.

Now I'm just meredithalix (without the pesky "@mac.com").

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>I like the term "handle," it reminds me of truckdrivers.

I wasn't a truckdriver or a convoy-roadie, but my early teen years took place back in the CB radio heyday. My CB handle was Gronk, for no real reason other than it sounded good over a pre-amplified power mic. My Canadian citizen's band call number was XM2320537. I still remember the look on my parents faces when I drilled a hole through the wall in my closet and installed the 20 foot omnidirectional antenna on the roof of the garage.

8's and 10's on the side, y'all.

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Ahem, does that mean something else in the UK?
Not sure I want to know.

In the states it means auto mechanic (or
insinuates hard work).

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I can be found as TYP3G1RL on iChat.

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Yes, John, they are. I shoulda stated that. Thanks!


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I suggest a small addition to that statement: "Trillian is truly
god's gift to Windows instant messengers."

Once you use iChat on a Mac, you'll want to use only it.
Too bad it doesn't work with ICQ and MSN tho. :/

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Good idea, Meredith. I second this.

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> Stephen, that is quite possibly the rudest "handle"
I've ever heard in my life. Either that or I'm hanging
around with the wrong kind of person.

Hum, everybody, I sincerely apologize for this, but
after getting SO fed up with all thinkable aliases
already taken, I got really frustrated and typed:
It worked...

I'm really really really sorry about this (especially
because loads of times people think I'm some kinda
porn advertisement spammer...)

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luxuryluke and your signal is five by five, come on…back.
I'm the midnight dj playing cassettes you never heard before they sell out, as well as some Slim Whitman family tunes.
Watch for smokies, over and out.

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