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Hi all,

was just directed to Typophile and ... I'm impressed, really GREAT community.

This is an identity I have been working on for a record label

While this is my first attempt at an entirely custom typeface/logotype, and I'm definitely happy with it, I also want it to be better (if it can be). Any thoughts/feedback you have would be appreciated.

the font is custom.


Communication Design, Melbourne

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P.S How do I include the image in my post, rather than a typophile link (uploaded)?

Communication Design, Melbourne

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You need latest shockwave flash player.

I thought more of an ea ligature with two e's:

Did like the angle of the crossbar of the e/a though. I think that helps the a.

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Sorry NickJob ... I miss your point (or points) !?!

Communication Design, Melbourne

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I like Nick Job's idea of two e's, partly because the word "speak" is spoken like "speek". The typeface could benefit from a bit more spacing, I think, because the counter on p seems overwhelming

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You need latest shockwave flash player to upload images. There was a thread about this - do a search.

I thought the 'e' would look good rotated to form the 'a' but I prefer the angle of the crossbar (i.e. not horizontal) in YOUR original. I think that the non-horizontal angle makes the 'a' look more like an 'a'. My version looks more like a rotated 'e', not an 'a'.

I hope this clarifies.

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Too bad the company's not named "Speek Records"

Then you can have fun with two conversational "e"s.

(Edit-a-bit): gee, by the time I did the art and posted it, you guys are far ahead of me...

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thanks NickJob, if I remember correctly the 'a' did start its life as an almost immediate rotated form of the e, but along a similar train of thought the word lost some readability, and so the letterform was adjusted to read more clearly - arriving at what is shown in the logo.

Communication Design, Melbourne

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I think you could bring the diagonal of the s to more horizontal and make it slightly wider. The k seems out of step with the other characters, you could maybe look at the leg to introduce some of the angularity. You could also try more variation in the line widths, especially at junctions I am thinking particularly of the upper junction of the p and the top junction of the a. I am left wondering why the top of the a doesn't join to the e, the a also seems a bit cramped in the top right storey. The bubble and type don't seem visually centred, it needs to be moved right slightly.

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thanks Tim, will definitely check you comments against what I've got.


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I think it looks a little bit claustrophobic, so perhaps draw it with
a touch more space between the characters. The 's' seems to be
falling to the left, so try extending the bottom stroke on the 's' to
the left a whisker.

Reducing the descender on the 'p' and the ascender on the 'k' may
help alleviate some of that claustrophobic feeling aswell.


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