Squirt Gun Fonts? Swank Army?

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Somwhere back in the late 90's while I was typesetting at a small print shop I happened across Squirt Gun Fonts. They produced Crass (a stencil looking font) and Rez. These ring any bells? They were part of the Swank Army?

Anyone know what happened and/or where I might find the Squirt Gun font library now?

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Not quite. It was a collective of designers that used to inhabit http://www.swanky.org. Twisted Type (another one you may have heard of) was a member found at http://tt.swankarmy.net and www.swankarmy.net/twisted.

The last known address I have for Squirt Gun is:

The site seems to all be there but none of the font files are available.

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Swank Army = Chank Army ???

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