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Grand Opening and ceramics sale!

Just in time for summer, YSLTT is officially open. Come enjoy a variety of type related sculptures and projects. YSLTT exists to inspire, educate, and develop type appreciation through the use of art, public intervention, graffiti, and the internet.

Due to an impending move and retirement from the ceramic studio, a custom letter sale is being offered. You submit the letter and choose between 2 in or 4 inch sizes and slick matte white or sexy matte chocolate colors. These letters are the perfect scale to make a striking addition to your desktop or bookcase; they also make great gifts.

See the shoppe for more information.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay at You Should Like Type Too .com.

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this is cool stuff. I couldn't believe it, but I was in London when you did one of your PDAs in Trafalgar! There I am in a picture. I had just been looking at the platelet letters, i didn't take any tho. I went back there like 10 minutes later and there was only that broken part left. That was a bummer, but hey, it is cool that I know where they came from now.


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Thanks Ashton. Us typophiles are such a sparse group that the odds of randomly bumping into each other is probably slim. That is too bad in the case of these small letter exhibits because you are the real people who would appreciate them for what they are. While I would hope they find there way into a good home, and a type nut would provide that, it also seems important to me to get new people interested in, or at least get them to look at, type. That being said, keep a watch around TypeCon because it seems like a great place for some more letters to pop up.

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