Script Face on California License Plates

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I need the ID on the script on the California license plates
(standard plain jane ones)...I used to know this one (Argh!!!)
it's the last one on the right side column.


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Mistral ;D

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Actually that and Brush Script were my first guesses. But the "f" is much much different.

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Doh! I looked at the headings… It might have helped if I read your post properly.

But yeah, it does look a bit like Brush Script. Note that the a’s and i’s are different, so… not a font? I think it is quite a new thing to have alternate characters in digital fonts. How old is the design?

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I think it was handlettered. The a's don't match.

That said, Mistral is pretty close and that is no doubt why they used it on the site.

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I think you'll find that Rage Italic is actually a closer match than Mistral.

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Better late than never, I guess.

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I know...this is an old thread. Just wanted to chime in here since I designed that type for the license plates.

It originated on the special Yosemite License Plates in 1995-ish. Our firm was tasked with designing the plates, including an original illustration. I did all of the type and layout, and a very experienced painter and illustrator did an original painting that was then imaged electronically. The "California" type design was then used on virtually all (with some exceptions) California license plates to this day (how many millions?).

I have to agree with APS221. But I wasn't convinced until I fired up Illustrator to see for myself. All these years, I had it in my head that I used Zephyr Script, a Casady & Greene font. Yet today, both Zephyr and Mistral weren't even close, but Rage Italic was a virtual match. Yes, the "i" and "a" were altered in Illustrator, along with other minor alterations, including the tittles above the "i"s I believe.

I still have the original files, permanently entombed somewhere on a Syquest drive, and I have a few physical license plate prototypes (mfd by 3M) that didn't end up being chosen for the final design, along with a few "SAMPLE" plates of the final design, and one blank finished plate.

Anyway, I hope this comes in handy for's definitely Rage Italic.

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Heyyy, great to have you here to explain!


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