Font suggestions for swing dance instruction

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Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get some font suggestions for a logo for a swing dance instruction company. They do workshops and private lessons for all kinds of swing dancing (east cost, lindy, charleston, etc.). I think there 2 big unique positions are that they focus a lot more on connection whereas other instructors just teach the steps and moves. The other unique selling point is that they are really good at teaching couples, although they've done private workshops for weddings and other things as well. I think the company's name is going to be Swing This! Tips?

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Yeah, that's a neat font. Perhaps I can use that as part of the logo. Thanks!

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What was that recent South American script font with 2 billion kerning pairs?


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it's free and cheesy, but what the heck?:
Dance Step

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Or there's the blatantly obvious: Swingdancer

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but seriously though, i'd find a nice retro script from House Industries, Font Diner or Jukebox.

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Pretty much any Bluemlein script from Veer should do the trick... Also, Stu's FontDiner fonts might be appropriate.


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Here is an energetic swinging font, Adore, which comes with a regular and a set of alternate characters, both for $20 total. This seems like a deal.

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