(x) type on bank statements - similar to OCR-B, Letter Gothic, FF OCR-F {Lex, Stephen}

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Hello everyone. I have a challenge for you.

This font sample comes right off my bank statement. What is it?

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Similar to OCR-B or Letter Gothic, but neither is an exact match.

- Lex

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> This font sample comes right off my bank statement. What is it?

You have to realise that this kind of lettering is output device-specific: it is a set of characters that is produced specifically for a certain type of printing machine. This means it has no equivalent in what we know as digital fonts.

Other examples are alphabets available for the stamping machines that produce automobile license plates, for sowing and embroidery machines, for stone engraving et al. It just is a different world. In some rare cases you'll find alphabets that have digital font counterparts, but more often than not they will be unique to that reproduction system.

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Thanx for the info Bald Condensed.

But, it there anything comparable?

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I just downloaded FF OCR F, and it seems to match very well.

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how did you get the font and did you pay for it??

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